The Honda Philosophy

The Honda Philosophy is the root of our success, the foundation for everything we do.

“As far as I know, Honda is the only company in the world that has a corporate concept that can be called Philosophy”, Kentaro Kato.

Respect For The Individual

Respect for the Individual calls on each associate to nurture and promote individual differences, and to treat each associate as equal partners. We encourage creativity and freedom of thought. We celebrate differences and are committed to creating equal opportunities. We believe everyone embracing the Honda Philosophy will do what is best for the customer, each other and the company.

The Three Joys

Our goal is to provide joy through our business. Anyone coming in contact with our company should have a sense of joy through that experience. The Joy of Buying, The Joy of Selling and The Joy of Creating; collectively, they influence how we look at the world, and they challenge us to always exceed the customer’s expectations.